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Masks, but Make it Fashion

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

{Cover Photo Credit: @sasha_melnychuk for Collina Strada}

Fashion combines art and utility, it is functional in a unique way that allows you to express yourself. So how will fashion fare while it is being overtaken by utility? Yes, I am talking about COVID-19. I know it’s one of the last things we want to be talking about right now, but in many ways it is impacting the fashion industry.

As we begin to head back out into the real world and transition back to “life as usual,” the functionality of fashion is going to be more important than ever for our safety. No worries, though, because the creatives of the world have risen to meet the challenge.

Masks. Before the pandemic, the only experience I had with them was at the dentist, but now they are everywhere. Face coverings have been an underutilized accessory in fashion, but I wonder if this new normal that we are adapting to might just have a lasting effect. Will masks become fashionable or will they be tossed out as soon as the pandemic clears? We will have to wait and see. Until then, we might as well make the most of the moment, embracing this function-focused fad with as much style as possible. These fashion-forward mask makers are seriously changing the game and giving us hope of looking fabulous even in a world crisis.

This beautiful bow-style mask is the perfect blend of delicacy and expression. It is a bold statement of grace and shows your chic style can shine even when your pearly whites can't. Currently this style by Erin Robertson, Project Runway season 15 winner, is sold out, but keep a look out for when it comes back in stock here.

This elegant mask is versatile and made in silk, easy on your skin so you won't be literally itching to take it off. This style comes in multiple color ways and can be dressed up or down so you won't have to worry about what you are pairing it with. The long strings are classy, they will up your outfit game without drawing too much attention, perfect for anyone who wants a mask that is a little more designed but not too complicated. Get yours here.

Look how adorable she is! Not only is this mask cute as a button, it is sure to get you so many compliments during the day. The modern twist on a typical mask silhouette gives it, and you, so much personality without too many bells and whistles. With adjustable elastic, they fit so many more face shapes and can be way more comfortable.This designer was a major find, and I highly encourage you to check out her fresh style. If you want to learn more or get a mask, shop her site here. You can also also find her on Instagram @potion23design, to preview the different colors and patterns she offers.

{Picture credits from Instagram named left to right are @_ethanroach and @hannahallinson}

This brand has been making masks long before the pandemic struck, guarding people from pollution at first and now protecting their lives. Having styles that can be worn by both men and women, these face masks are distinguishable by the extended neck wrap for security. If you want a mask that doesn't wrap around the ears and will stay around your neck when you don't need it on, Rare Bird London has the one for you! Shop the looks here.

What I love about the masks from ZOET is their material. Made out of satin, they will feel great on your skin and be super comfortable. They come in different colors, mostly neutrals, which is great for anyone that is looking for something effortless with a little bit of shimmer. These are classics that are very breathable and easy to style with any outfit so go grab yours today. You can find them here.

Another great option due to their fabric are these darling masks by Nika Kolabi. You can find her on Instagram @nika_kolabi. The chicness that flows off of these prints is undeniable and their white, quilted background screams refinement. She offers a few different prints, and is growing every day. If you want a sophisticated look that proves your high level of taste to any passer-by, then this is just what you need. To order your own DM @_the_mask_store on Instagram.

For all my minimalist babes out there, ARMEDANGELS is here with an eco-friendly attitude and a simple but beautiful design concept. Their masks are mostly black and white, and feature text that inspires us to stay connected while being safe. I was so happy about the design pictures. It is a subtle way of expressing yourself as different without needing to be too loud about it. To see their other design options, click here.

The logo mania is clearly not going anywhere, and we are seeing that pop up as a trend in face masks. Well, if you don't want to pay an arm and a leg to get a mask, but you really love the look and feel of repping your favorite brands, you're in luck. I came across and amazing designer who is making masks out of designer scarves. And better yet, the proceeds from your purchase will go to No Kid Hungry. Check out the options on Instagram @fabfindsbysarah or go to their website here.

Masks, however uncommon, are now a fashion accessory, so why not pair them with another accessory and take your look to the next level. I am in love with the idea behind matching masks with scrunchies, like Zenchies does. The masks are designed with existing eco-friendly and luxe Zenchies materials. As if style and sustainability weren't enough, this company also donates a part of their profit to the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. If you want to be a part of this initiative, go support them here. Use the code SENDINGLOVE50 at checkout!

{Picture credit from Instagram @milliemjones}

Scrunch Me is on top of the game in terms of color and pattern options. If you are anything like me and can't pick a favorite color because you love them all too much, then this brand is a great option for you. Not only do they have an insane variety, they are also at a great price (which means you can buy more options without your bank account crying yay!!) and they offer matching hair accessories, including scrunchies, headbands, and bows. Go see their spread here.

With all this time in, many have been bleaching or tie-dying to amp up their wardrobes, or at least to not go insane. With this not-so-new print craze, one investment you might want to make is a dyed mask, and you're in luck because I found a great company based in LA that has all the dyed options you could ask for. Reuse Masks make breathable and safe masks that are soft and machine washable. For anyone looking for solid colored masks, they offer a good selection of those too. To get your own click here.

Now that I've introduced you to some companies and pointed out some aspects you should be looking for to get the right mask for you, keep scrolling to see some Corona outfit inspo and how you can style your mask to keep your Instagram poppin over the next few months!

{First Row Left to Right: @saweetie for PrettyLittleThing, @sethi_sargam for Meenakshi Ahlawat, and @young_emperors for Lirika Matoshi

Secong Row Left to Right: @sethi_sargam for Meenakshi Ahlawat, Dippin' Daisy's advertisement, and @_kellydempsey for Rack Addik}

Thanks for reading. See you again soon!



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