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Carnivale Intro
Carnivale Collection Synopsis
Carnivale Merch Plan
Carnivale Muslins
Carnivale Concept Board
Carnivale Fabric Board
Carnivale Illustrations 1
Carnivale Illustrations 2
Carnivale Flats 1
Carnivale Flats 2
Carnivale Flats 3
Carnivale Constructed Garments
Knitting Article Cover
Knitting Article 1
Knitting Article 2
Knitting Article 3
Sauvage Intro Page
Sauvage Branding Board
Sustainable Initiative 1
Sustainable Initiative 2
Sauvage Medusa Concept Board
Sauvage Fabric Board
Sauvage Collection
Sauvage The Distinctives Collection
Rags to Riches Intro
Rags to Riches Drape 1
Rags to Riches Drape 2
Rags to Riches Drape 3
Rags to Riches Process 1
Rags to Riches Process 2
Unconventional Materials Concept Research
Unconventional Materials Collaged Sketch
Unconventional Materials Final Garment
Winter in the Woods Collection Synopsis
Winter in the Woods Market Research 1
Winter in the Woods Market Research 2
Winter in the Woods Concept/Fabric Board 1
Winter in the Woods Concept/Fabric Board 2
Winter in the Woods Collection
Winter in the Woods Looks 1 and 2
Winter in the Woods Looks 3 and 4
Winter in the Woods Looks 5 and 6
Voyage of Love Collection Synopsis
Voyage of Love Concept Board
Voyage of Love Original Prints
Voyage of Love Collection
Voyage of Love Flats 1
Voyage of Love Flats 2
Spain Collection Synopsis
Spain Concept Board
Spain Womenswear
Spain Menswear
Spain Womenswear Flats
Spain Menswear Flats
Sunkissed Paradise Sketchbook 1
Sunkissed Paradise Sketchbook 2
Sunkissed Paradise Sketchbook 3
Sunkissed Paradise Sketchbook 4
Sunkissed Paradise Concept Board
Sunkissed Paradise Collection
Sunkissed Paradise Flats 1
Sunkissed Paradise Flats 2
Sunkissed Paradise Flats 3
Sunkissed Paradise Flats 4
Sunkissed Paradise Flats 5
Sunkissed Paradise Look 1
Purse Illustration
Pret A Porter Illustration
Halloween Magazine Cover Illustration
Haute Couture Illustration
Cityscape Illustration
Perfume Illustration
Abstraction 1
Exaggeration 1
Abstraction 2
Exaggeration 2
Abstraction 3
Exaggeration 3
Red Dress Intro
Red Dress Drape
Red Dress Details
Red Dress Front
Red Dress Side
Red Dress Back
Anorexia Concept Board
Anorexia Fabric Board
Anorexia Collection
Revolution Concept Board
Revolution Womenswear
Revolution Menswear
Lost in Flight Concept Board
Lost in Flight Fabric Board
Lost in Flight Collection
Childrenswear Concept Board
Childrenswear Fabric Board
Childrenswear Collection
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